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JASONS in Taiwan

JASONS Market Place was established in Singapore in 1975 and initially introduced imported food to meet the needs of expatriates. We are a fresh food supermarket that provides unique international commodities with the highest quality and value.

"A Whole New Food Shopping Experience - Create a Brand New Shopping Experience" has always been JASONS Market Place’s goal. We are constantly introducing the world's most famous brands, the most popular food, and importing seasonal fruits, vegetables, meat, and other fresh food ingredients to our customers. All goods presented to our customers are of high quality and high specifications as a result of strict selection.

JASONS Market Place was introduced in Taiwan in 2003. The first store opened at the same time as the world's tallest landmark, Taipei 101 Shopping Center. It has become a high quality fresh food supermarket, popular with savvy customers who like to keep up with the latest available from around the globe. In order to serve more customers, JASONS Market Place has continued to expand branch stores in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung. These stores introduce top-quality goods from around the world and Taiwan. Our goal is to become the top leading supermarket brand, drive food shopping trends, and create a more refined lifestyle for local consumers.


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Tel: 0800-291-261(landline only)


JASONS Market Place has perfect salary welfare system, providing employees welfare benefits and leisure activities. We also established a complete education system, helping employees pursue professional development and achieve an outstanding future. If you are interested in supermarket management and have service enthusiasm, welcome to JASONS as our working partner.


  • Year-end bonus
  • Performance bonus


  • Paid sick leave
  • Special leave
  • Maternity and parental leave


  • Labor insurance
  • National health insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Pension 6%

Fringe Benefits

  • Staff travel allowance
  • Health examination
  • Birthday gifts and gift certificates for birthday and festivals
  • Discounts of cooperation in alliance for employees and their dependants
  • Movie ticketing subsidy
  • Employee scholarships
  • Year-end feast
  • Subsidies for injury consolation, maternity, wedding, and funeral.